About St.Michael's Teacher Training Institute

St.Michael’s Teacher Training Institute is an esteemed Institution at Palani, run by the Holy Cross Sisters, which is a Registered Society of Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod. The Foundress of the Society was Mother Claudine Echernier.  The deplorable situation of the young girls in France, after French revolution touched the heart of Mother Claudine, and she involved herself totally in the eradication of ignorance and misery.  To proclaim God’s goodness to all under the Standard of the Cross, she started the Congregation in the year 1838. “To make the Good God known and loved” through kind and charitable works was her vision.

New mercies, new blessings, new chords of delight marked the year 1941.  Empowered by the self emptying love of God and inspired by our Foundress Mother Claudine, a Higher Grade Training School in the name of St.Michael’s was started by the Management under the head of Mother Emilie with 29 girls to improve the status of women and to give them higher education.  Later, the Higher Grade Training Schools are upgraded to Teacher Training Institutes.  As a reward of our determination, perfection and dedication, we got permanent recognition in the year 1962.

On 11th July 1995, the day on which our Institution remembers with joy the arrival of pioneers the inspection of the Training Institute took place.  Deputy Director from Chennai and the Principal of DIET, Oddanchatram made their official visit.  During the visit our Provincial Sr.Alphonse Raj, Secretary Sr.Elizabeth Rose and Sr.Agnes Aaron were present to support us morally.  Sr.Michael, Correspondent and Sr.Euphrasi, Principal went to meet Mr.Palanivelu, the Director of Teacher Education Research and Training and requested him to hasten the recognition of the Institute.   Since our Institution played main role in character buildings, human love, charity, dutifulness and justice among the people, our Lord was with this institute and saved it.  The recognition was granted for the period from 01.06.1994 to 31.05.1997.

In the year 1996, Norms and Standards for Elementary Teacher Education were published by the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi.  The Regional Director of the NCTE is the authorized person to grant Recognition for the Teacher Training Institutions.  On 5th February 1997, a member of NCTE from Karnataka and a member of DTERT from Chennai, made a visit to the Institute to examine the fulfillment of the requirements which is pre requisite for the continued of the recognition.  They interviewed the staff, verified the registers and certificates.  According to the NCTE Norms, we purchased a land 4 acres and 2 cents in the nearby area Sukkamanayakanpatty in addition to the 3 acres and 76 cents.  They granted recognition as per the Rc.No.1609/C1/976 Dated 01.04.1997 with few conditions.  Every year a report consists of the overall performance of the Institution in the previous academic year has to be sent in the prescribed Appraisal Form.

According to the G.O.No.111 dated 7th August 2001, the maximum intake has been increased from 40 to 80.  Again in the year 2001, the Institution was inspected by the panel of NCTE, to scrutinize whether the staff members and infrastructural facilities are enough for the 80 students.  They were satisfied and gave recognition for additional intake as per F.SRO/NCTE/2002-2003/2671 Dated 29.08.2002. From the academic year 2002, 50% of intake has been done according to the Government Single Window System and the remaining 50% by the Management.