Multipurpose Laboratory :

a. Science Lab :

For an effective and efficient teaching in science a good laboratory with necessary equipment is essential.  In science teaching we do not aim at stuffing the mind of the pupils with mere facts of science, but to develop in them the application ability, skills of experimentation, construction, improvising scientific attitudes, interest, appreciation etc.  These can be achieved only if the students get the opportunities to work with their own hands in an atmosphere which pervades in Science Teaching.

                We inculcate the above said features through a well organized Science Laboratory.  In St.Michael's Teacher Training Institute, the students are given every opportunity to develop a scientific temper in them through this Science Laboratory.  The Science Laboratory acts as a bridge between the students and the teachers.  The Science Laboratory is built in a well planned manner and all the equipment required for the experiments as per the syllabus are available.  Moreover the equipments which are needed for the concerned Model Schools are also arranged well in our lab.  Thus our Science Laboratory plays a vital role in developing scientific attitude among the student teachers.

b. Mathematics Lab :

                Mathematics is the queen of all sciences and it is also a basic and applied discipline.  Mathematics is an asset to the learners and it is a sequential subject.

                Each concept is based on the previous concept and becomes a basis for development for further concepts.  So that, the student teachers were trained to get thorough knowledge of methods of teaching Mathematics by using proper materials in Mathematics Lab.  It is very helpful to the student teachers to identify the learning difficulties and how to get rid of it.

c. Social Science Lab :

                Right from the birth of a man in the universe, his interaction with the environment, determines the quality of life.  The subject matter of teaching of Social Science centers around the man and his environment which develops in History, Civics, Geography and teaching methods.  It may also be defined as the rational and systematic study of human society in all forms with the aim of arriving at an enduring understanding, acknowledged as such by a broad consensus of researchers of social phenomena.

                Skill oriented Social Science was taught to our student teachers for creating awareness for the promotion and well being of individuals in the context of social and natural environment.  Skills are suitably identified in the teaching of Social Science to help the practicing student teachers that develop sound knowledge in the subject like developing patriotism, tolerance, brother hood and scientific temper are interwoven in this subject.  Student teachers were trained to give awareness of natural, physical environment and the relationship between man and environment.

Psychology Lab :

                A study of Educational Psychology provides a rich background of information about children's behavior and psychological growth under a variety of environmental conditions.  Psychology Experiments helps them to improve their learning process attention and memory.  Questionnaires are used to know about them, their interest and attitude towards teaching profession and to identify others as extrovert, introvert, neurotic and aneurotic persons.  Knowledge of Educational Psychology through experiments, case study and sociometry help the student teachers to have all round personality development and lead others to have healthy atmosphere to lead a peaceful life in the society. 

Educational Technology :

                Educational Technology is one area where we really feel that we are meeting the challenges.  Technology can be defined as Science applied to practical purpose.  It helps the trainees to have a first hand experience on newly evolved teaching aids and equipments.  Teacher Educators trained the student teachers for developing own stories from the given words, pictures and situations and also trained to tell stories with proper intonation and action.  Student teachers are encouraged to collect throw waste materials from house, schools and their surroundings for the use of low cost teaching materials and also trained our student teachers to prepare kits as required.  Student teachers are trained to operate and maintain the equipments such as slide projector, OHP, tape recorder, radio, T.V., V.C.R., camera, V.C.D., computer, epidiascope,           16 m.m. film projector, printer, C.D., floppy, mike, scanner, digital camera etc.  Student teachers are given the opportunity to see the educational programme telecasted in T.V.  The most important things is that student teachers were allowed to have the first hand information and knowledge about computer by computer education.

Media Language Laboratory :

                Conventional Language Lab provides opportunities for our student teachers to improve their pronunciation, stress and intonation.  It is motivating the students to articulate the sounds in English and Tamil.

Art and Music :

                The student teachers according to their imagination and artistic and tastes, drew kolam, rangolis, made wall decorations, board decorations, flower management and hall arrangements during functions.

                They were guided in making wall hangings, vegetables, fruits, models by using plaster of paris.  With fur, they prepared toys like teddy-bears, dogs, etc.  They developed their skills in preparing different types of models using clay, making dolls with beads, sponges, straws, woolen thread, chocolate papers and color papers.

                They were trained up in preparing beautiful vases, by decorating the pots with wax, velvet clothes and paper mash.  Puppets were also prepared in various models and conducted admirable puppet-shows.

                All musical instruments are available for practice.  The knowledge of music shall enable the trainees to make teaching learning process a learner friendly process.

Games :

                The Institute has a vast playground which provides sufficient space for hockey, football, volley ball, basket ball, badminton, kho-kho, shuttle cock, soft ball, tennikoit, tennis and cricket.  Indoor games such as gymnastic, carom, chess, table tennis and Chinese checker are also available.  Athletic and body building equipments  make the students to maintain their body physically fit.

                Games and Sports help the individuals to grow and develop fully and we enable to live the abundant life.  Our students are given opportunities to take part in physical training regularly, in order to maintain their physical fitness. 

Library :

                As it is said "Reading is to mind, what exercise is to body".  We conducted "Book Exhibition" and "Book Week" in order to cultivate the habit of reading and to get world-wide knowledge.  Our library is well arranged and well equipped with all branches of subject books, journals, monthlies, dailies, periodicals and magazines.  Our library is also enriched with the books sent by the donor Dr.Aruna, M.Sethupathi, Voluntary Members, HELP, Charitable Foundation Co-ordinator, Illinois State, U.S.A.

                Books are issued to the student teachers and teacher educators, systematically once in a week and whenever they needed either for reading or for reference.  Our student teachers used our library well and update their knowledge.