Principal’s Message

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence” says the great Rabindranath Tagore. Education helps the transformation of the individual, family, society, nation and the world at large. It is transcending, since the true education focuses on the integral formation of the individual. The most important aim of education is character formation. It can be achieved through the inculcation of values in the process of education. “Education is the training of character to fit the students to participate creatively as citizens.” (The Secondary Education Commission 1952 – 1953). Therefore to preserve and promote education, necessarily should involve the development and transmission of values. Our ancient tradition has given us truth, non-violence, compassion, sacrifice, service, simplicity and other values. It is undeniable that a woman can adorn these values and can radiate these values effectively through her life as our country and the children of today need to enjoy the harmony of life through compassion, gentle care, creative thinking, self-sacrifice and commitedness.

As we familiar with “Educate a woman, educate a generation” (Brigham young), we the Sisters of the Cross, convinced of educating the young women in the footsteps of our valiant Foundress Mother Claudine, who educated the abandoned, widow of the poor women after French Revolution inspite of all the challenges of that time.

We went the young women experience the enlightenment and empowerment through (Education) this holistic training for the achievement of a better and higher quality of life. Real education should cultivate the ability to meet life’s situations, problem solving and a character building process. The world of Education gives through the process of change with the change in society. Hence the methods of learning and teaching get altered according to the need of learners at that particular time. Hence, we strive to form the student-teachers to teach creatively, innovatively, molding the young minds to work for greater miracles for a transformed world in hand with the fast growing technological support, (in order to taste the sweet fruit by the going through the bitter process of education) to make the saying true “By sowing seed, you will harvest once; By planting a tree, you will harvest tenfold; By educating the people, you will harvest one hundredfold.”